·Progress in Research and Development on Hybrid Rice: A Super-domesticate in China
·Recent progress on rice genetics in China
·Super hybrid rice breeding in China: achievements and prospects
·A putative lipase gene EXTRA GLUME1 regulates both empty glume fate and spikelet development in rice
·Allelic diversities in rice starch biosynthesis lead to a diverse array of rice eating and cooking qualities
·Marker-trait association for low-light intensity tolerance in rice genotypes from Eas... [11-26 ]
·Biological control of rice sheath blight using hyphae-associated bacteria: developmen... [11-26 ]
·Effective methods for practical application of gene expression analysis in field-grow... [11-26 ]
·Abscisic acid biosynthesis under water stress: anomalous behavior of the 9-cis... [11-23 ]
·Identification of novel recessive gene xa44(t) conferring resistance to bacterial bli... [11-23 ]
·Paclobutrazol mitigates salt stress in indica rice seedlings by enhancing glutathione... [11-21 ]